TCS New York City Marathon Ticketed Events

Which tickets do I need to pick up at the TCS New York City Marathon Expo Presented by New Balance? Aug 28, 2019 11:54AM EST

For 2019, all tickets are now digital. They will be sent to you as soon as you purchase them via Eventbrite.

Can I purchase tickets at the expo? Aug 28, 2019 04:51PM EST

No. All tickets are purchased via Eventbrite. Customer service assistants will be at the ticket booth at the expo.

Are tickets refundable? Aug 29, 2019 12:52PM EST

Tickets are nonrefundable. For more information about refund policies for each ticket type, please refer to the individual ticket pages.

Can I give my tickets to someone else to use? Oct 20, 2017 04:40PM EST

Purchasers of race-week event tickets may transfer them to third parties, but may not advertise the sale of tickets, nor may they use the tickets for promotional or commercial purp...

Is there wheelchair access to the East Side Grandstand Seating and is there somewhere to check a stroller? Aug 29, 2019 12:56PM EST

Yes, the East Side Grandstand Seating is wheelchair-accessible, and you may purchase an ADA ticket. Strollers are not permitted in the East Side Grandstand Seating.

What is the best time to enter the grandstands? Oct 19, 2018 10:18AM EST

Ticket holders are permitted to enter from 9:00 a.m. through the end of the day.

Are the Grandstand Seating tickets reserved? Oct 20, 2017 04:41PM EST

No, all seating is open. If you leave your seat and return, you may have to relocate to a different seat.

Where is the entrance to the Grandstand Seating? Aug 28, 2019 12:03PM EST

The entrance to the Grandstand Seating will be on West 61st Street and Broadway.

Are Grandstand Seating tickets on sale on race day? Aug 28, 2019 12:04PM EST

Yes, East Side Grandstand tickets can be purchased on race day at West 63rd Street and Central Park West, while supplies last.

Do I need to purchase a Grandstand Seating ticket for my child? Oct 20, 2017 04:42PM EST

Children age 2 and older require a grandstand ticket; children under age 2 do not need a ticket.