Last Updated: Aug 29, 2017 10:22AM EST

How can I import my runs from Strava?

To make logging your runs fast, easy, and accurate, your training plan can import any run you upload to Strava. First, you must connect your training plan with Strava; then you can import a run.

Already connected your Strava account but having trouble importing? See the end of this page for troubleshooting notes.

1. Connect your Strava account to your training plan.

Click on your name in the top right of the screen, then select "Manage Plan":

Scroll down and look for the Strava widget. Click "Connect with Strava."

This will bring you to for authorization. After approving the authorization, the connection is complete! Now, you can import a run.

2. Import a run

For any days that have a run on Strava, an "Import from Strava" button will appear on your Training Dashboard. Click this to start importing your Strava entry.

In the dialog box, choose a Workout Type and enter your Perceived Exertion (this is important so your plan can adjust properly).

Fill out the rest of the form and add any details to the comments section. Click "import from Strava, " and you're done!


Here are some additional notes to help you import your runs from Strava.
  1. Your Strava account must be set to "Public" - this is required for your training plan to read your Strava activities.
  2. The "import from Strava" button will only appear for days in the past. Future days will have no button to log your run.
  3. Strava button "grayed out" or disabled?  You might have forgotten to add your Workout Type and Perceived Effort!  These pieces of information are essential for your training program to adjust to your running.
  4. You can only have one log entry per day in your training plan.  If you already have an entry for the day you are trying to import, you will need to delete the existing entry to import the Strava run.  Please save any information before you delete the entry - there is no way to recover this data after deleting.   If you are running twice in one day, it is recommended to add the distance and time together to create one entry with the total distance and time for the day.