Last Updated: Oct 26, 2018 10:18AM EST

Should I incorporate the NYRR Long Training Runs in my plan?

Running the actual marathon course is excellent preparation for the TCS New York City Marathon. Use these events to practice drinking on the run and your progressive running technique. Use the NYRR Training Races to create a glorified Long Run for the week with aid stations and support on the course.  Please do not schedule an NYRR Long Training Run or the TCS New York City Marathon Training Series 18M as a race in your training plan. Move your long run for the week of this event by clicking the Manage tab and moving your long run for the day of this event. We suggest running the prescribed distance of your long run for that day regardless of how long the training race is. If you cannot logistically do so, then we suggest only adding up to 2 more additional miles to your long run if possible.