Last Updated: Aug 29, 2017 10:16AM EST

Should I be doing double runs?

"Running doubles," as used in running lingo, is utilized in high mileage training plans and for experienced runners.  When daily runs start exceeding 8 or 9 miles, it might be a time to consider double runs.  For most recreational runners, it is not possible given the constraints of work/family.  More competitive runners might do doubles to maximize recovery while making it easier to hit weekly mileage goals.  We only recommend doubles for a very select group of runners -- if you are in doubt, then please contact us.  If you want to add a double run to your program, combine the two runs together for a total time and mileage for the day. In general, here are some tips about incorporating double runs in a training regiment:
  • Try replacing a regular run or AYF run with a double session.
  • Consider a double session the day after a harder run or workout with the AM run being shorter and easier than your PM run. The AM run can be thought of as a therapeutic run to aid in blood flow and hopefully promote recovery. Try to keep on soft surfaces, if possible.
  • Allow time for your body to recover and give at least 8 hours between sessions.
  • Don't be tempted to run harder when your distance is shorter -- this is defeating the purpose.