Last Updated: Sep 24, 2019 08:17AM EST

NYRR Pace Team Presented by Biofreeze

Run with the free NYRR Pace Team Presented by Biofreeze at the TCS New York City Marathon! Pace team leaders will be running even effort throughout the course and will pace marathoners who are looking to finish in times between 3:00 and 6:00. All pace team leaders are seasoned and reliable marathoners. They will reach the half-marathon mark within two minutes (plus or minus) of the goal pace for the projected finishing time and will finish the marathon no more than two minutes faster than the goal time. As long as you keep your leader's sign in sight, you will remain on pace.

Pace team leader locations within the corrals will be available in late October. If you want to run with a specific pace team leader, you may move back to a higher-numbered corral than yours, but you may not move forward to a lower-numbered corral. Pace team leaders will be wearing the NYRR Pace Team Presented by Biofreeze logo and the green and blue chevron design, and they’ll be carrying signs with large blue numbers showing their finish times on one side and their pace per mile on the other side.  
You do not need to register to run with the NYRR Pace Team Presented by Biofreeze, and there is no fee.

Come and meet the NYRR Pace Team Presented by Biofreeze and ask questions at the NYRR Running Lab at the TCS New York City Marathon Expo Presented by New Balance.

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