Last Updated: Jun 21, 2018 04:08PM EST

Course Amenities

All information is subject to change.

Course Fluid Stations

Fluid stations are at located every mile beginning at mile 3. They will provide:

  • Poland Spring® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water (also available at the start and finish)
  • Gatorade® Endurance Formula™ Lemon / Lime Flavor (except for mile 17).

Fluids are dispensed in recyclable cups on tables on both sides of the course. To avoid the bottleneck at the first table, get a cup from a later table. Please keep moving after you pick up your cup.

Hydration Zone

The Poland Spring® Hydration Zone—including water stations, sponges, and music—will be located at mile 17 on First Avenue.

Nutrition Stations

  • Energy gel information will be available soon.
  • Fruit is available at the fluid stations at miles 20-23.

For your safety, take fluids and food only at official stations.


Portable toilets (including wheelchair-accessible ones) will be located at every mile beginning at mile 3.