Last Updated: Oct 24, 2016 04:46PM EST

Wave and Corral Assignments

You are assigned to starts, waves and corrals according to the projected finish time calculated on your TCS New York City Marathon application.

There will be four wave starts, each with different start times. Your start line color is the same as your start village color and is indicated on your confirmation form and race number.Wave start times cannot be changed.

Runners who wish to start together should check their bib numbers and determine which runner has the higher number. The runners can then move back to the wave and corral that corresponds with the higher number.

Runners may not move forward to corrals and waves with lower numbers than displayed on their bibs.

Confirmation Form

Your confirmation form includes your race (bib) number, start wave, and corral, as well as baggage and transportation allocations. You must bring the form with you (either printed or on an electronic device) when you pick up your race materials at the expo. More information on the confirmation form is here.